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download flash videos for free without any software

instant cross bow
meth flame thrower
fun with chemicals
program free flash downloader
sparkler bomb
touch explosive/ exploding paste
spud gun

this involves no money at all in the entire process or any sitecrawler software, orbit, ect

click here to watch tutorial and right click save as to download

sorry there is no preloader for that video . it is recomended that you download it on to your computer first then play it by right clicking it and selecting save target as

this is not recomended for any computer that does not run internet explorer.or for retards or blind people.
also remember what you are doing is completely legal and this information and crappy quality video tutorial can get you to download videos from youtube ,youku , or download any video that is veiwed in your web browser and unfortunately any and every individual picture file.
here are the instructions to download the file you want to download
  1. open the web page with the link to the page that has the video in it that you wish to download.
  2. open your tools toolbar and open up internet options. it will most likely be the option at the bottom of the toolbar
  3. delete cookies and internet files.dont worry your not going to mess up your internet your just deleting picture files link icons and basicly every single web page youve ever veiwed.
  4. close internet options and open the page with the video or mp3 file you want downloaded.
  5. read this carefuly particularily those using youtube. wait until the video starts playing and then press pause not stop. you will see a small loading bar or progress bar slowly loading up. wait untill that loading bar has completely loaded up ,for those watching or playing flash files just wait untill the preloader has loaded and the play screen comes up.
  6. open internet options again and open the settings button next to delete files .
  7. click on view files.and it will open up a folder full of lots of files.
  8. right click >>arrange icons by>>size
  9. once you have located your movie which will be at the bottom of the page make sure it is a swf file if you were downloading a flash movie flv if it was youtube and copy it to your desktop
  10. open it up and make sure you got the right file . usualy a file that takes more than a minute to load on average will be 2mb
  11. you can download a stand alone flash player at the homepage of this site to play your swf files but youtube movies need a flv player or a flv converter to veiw . a online flv converter that i use it at simply copy the url in the top of your web browser and paste it were shown at the site.
  12. for stepp 11 only addresses will work , it it says or it will not convert the file but it is free and very effective and wont leave a watermark
  13. if you had problems email me at and you will have a response within 3-5 days as i check my email daily exept on sundays

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